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A botox treatment is an effective and widespread tool for several areas of application, including the cosmetic, where botox treatments reduce deep wrinkles and lines on the face, so that you achieve a younger and fresher appearance.

Gummy smile botox 500-750,-

We offer gummy smile botox treatment if your gums are exposed when you smile.

Jaw 500-750,-

Botox in the jaw area – Botox in the jaw muscles can make the jaw area appear narrower.

Eye Wrinkles 500-750,-

With a botox eye treatment, you can remove smile lines around the eyes. These fine lines near the eyes are also called cow's feet wrinkles.

Between brows 500-750,-

Botox can reduce wrinkles between the eyes - You look happier without wrinkles between the eyes.

Forehead 500-750,-
Botox against forehead wrinkles works effectively – You look more relaxed without forehead wrinkles.
Bunny Lines 500-750,-

If you are troubled by many wrinkles on the nose, it can be reduced with Botox.

LipFlip 500-750,-

Botox against smoking lines - smoking lines around the mouth give an older appearance.

Sweat 4500-5900,-

Botox against sweat helps a lot against stains on clothes - It is natural to sweat. The production of sweat is one of the body's mechanisms for regulating body temperature.

V-Shape 500-750,-

V-shape with Botox helps to create a feminine look.

Botox/Vistabel per area 1200,-
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Filler treatment reduces wrinkles, gives lip enlargement and accentuates cheekbones.

Filler 0,5ml 1500,-
Filler 1ml 2500,-
Filler 1,5ml 4000,-
Filler 2ml 4800,-
Filler 3ml 6500,-
Lips 4600,-
Chin 4600,-

Filler in the chin creates a feminine look as part of the V-shape

Cheek bone 4600,-

Fillers can emphasize your cheekbones and give you a beautiful face.

Smoking wrinkles 4600,-

Reduce smoking wrinkles, which are the small wrinkles above the lips that most often occur among smokers.

Jaw area 4600,-

With filler treatment for the jaw area, you get a larger and more defined jaw.

Under the eyes 4600,-

Prevent dark circles under the eyes with Filler and get a fresher look.

Sunekos200 2500 – 6000,-

Suneko's treatment for signs of aging and dark circles under the eyes

Sunekos1200 3000 – 8500,-

Suneko's treatment for stomach, thighs, arms, hands and chest

Nose correction with filler 3000,-

with tinkerbell tip lift

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The laser treatment improves the skin's structure and gives a more beautiful skin with a fresher and younger appearance.


Vascular blasts (IPL) 4000,-

Vascular bursts often appear as signs of aging and typically appear on the face

Vascular ruptures (Legs) 2500,-
Blue and red blood vessel bursts on the legs often occur as a sign of age, overexertion or after pregnancy.
Hair removal 1500,-

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment that removes unwanted hair growth.

Rosacea redness 2500,-

The redness due to rosacea can be reduced with laser treatment.

Face, neck, chest (décolleté) 2800,-

3 treatments cost 7,000, 5 treatments cost 12,000

Half face 2000,-

3 treatments cost 4600,- 5 treatments cost 8000,-

Smoke wrinkles/lip line 800,-
Eye area 1000,-
Scars (single) from 700,-
Stretch marks from 1500,-
Brazilian 650,-
Armpits 400,-
Bikini line 500,-
Armpits and bikini line 800,-
Armpits and Brazilian 900,-
Line from navel down 300,-
Hands or feet 500,-
Between eyebrows or eyes 200,-
Upper lip 300,-
Beard 600,-
Chin 300,-
Throat 400,-
Cheeks or sideburns 600,-
Neck or lower back 500,-
Shoulders 700,-
Stomach 1000,-
Upper arms or forearms 700,-
Whole arms 1200,-
Breasts on women 300,-
Chest on men 500,-
Lower leg or thigh 1200,-
Upper leg 1200,-
Whole leg 1200,-
Back 1400,-
Stomach 1000,-
Back and stomach 2200,-
Genitals 600,-
Full face 2000,-
Forehead 500,-
Cheeks 800,-
Nose 500,-
Chin 500,-
Single tub from 300,-
Chest/décolletage 1000,-
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Peeling gives you a more beautiful skin and makes it more receptive to vitamins and antioxidants. Age signs, pigment spots, acne, small scars and large pores can be reduced or removed completely with peeling.
Chemical peeling 2500,-

Delicate cuticle work, buffing, and shaping. To finish, a relaxing hand massage, topped off with a perfect polish. (60 min)

Cosmelan treatment 2500,-
Cosmelan treatment is a medical 10-hour anti-pigment mask with extraordinary effect
Sun damage 2500,-

Sun damage can be treated effectively.

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Other treatments

Micro Gold treatment 1950 - 5100,-

Read more about Micro Gold

With Micro Gold treatment with Botox, you achieve effective skin rejuvenation, minimized pores and smoother skin structure.

BB Glow with Microneedling - 3 treatments 3200,-
BB Glow with Microneedling 1200,-
Stretch marks from 1000,-
Chin 1000,-
Small scars 800,-
Cheeks 1000,-
Forehead 1000,-
Full face - 3 treatments 4000,-
Profhilo (2 treatments) 6500,-

1 treatment costs 3,500,-

Ejal40 (3 treatments) 5700,-

1 treatment costs DKK 2500

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In case of no-show and cancellation less than 24 hours before, 500,- will be charged 500,-

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Botox prevents the release of signaling substances between the nerve and muscles, which cause the muscles to relax. The substance is cleaned of bacteria and has been used for 25 years for the treatment of sweating and cosmetic treatments.

Non-permanent fillers consist of a gel of the same type of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body's connective tissue. The various non-permanent fillers differ in the viscosity of the gel and whether there is anything other than hyaluronic acid mixed in. The thickest gels are used for filling cheeks, the second thickest for deeper furrows, folds, for example. the furrow from the nose to the corner of the mouth. Finally, there are non-permanent fillers especially for the lips.

The Botox treatment is carried out either by our nurse or dermatologist, who, with a very fine needle, injects small amounts of the product onto the fine facial or neck muscles.

After a treatment with Botox, it is important not to massage or press the treated area for the first 4 hours, so that the toxin does not spread to other muscles than those intended.

It is different from treatment to treatment which side effects are experienced. Read about these during each treatment.

When you have a Botox treatment, the effect will begin slowly after 3-8 days and slowly diminish after 3-6 months. The treatment can then be repeated. If the effect is not sufficient or there is inappropriate asymmetry, a "touch up" treatment will be carried out after 14 days.

To get a Botox or filler treatment, you must be 18 years old. Treatment with fillers is not given to pregnant, breastfeeding women or to patients with a known allergy to ingredients in the gel solution.

It is a requirement that you be consulted before the first treatment with Botox and Profhilo. The consultation must take place at least 48 hours in advance. At the consultation, you will be informed about the treatment process, possible side effects and about your options for results. Once you have been consulted once at hos, you do not need to be consulted again, which is why you are always welcome to book an appointment for a new consultation if you feel the need. The consultation is free.

Når du er blevet konsulteret én gang hos hos, skal du ikke konsulteres igen, hvorfor du altid er velkommen til at booke tid til en ny konsultation, hvis du føler behov for det.

Konsultationen er gratis.


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