White Labeling

The Dreamherb offers white labeling cbd products what you can re-brand
as your own product, giving you the freedom to set your own pricing and
grow your business. White Labeling is the practice of putting a
different brand on a product than that of the original producer. 

The DreamHerb works exclusively with the best gardeners and laboratories in
Europe to create a unique range of products, including high quality CBD oils
and skin care products.

We have years experience to produce creams, shampoos, healing creams,
serums etc. All our products contains only high quality oils and natural
herbs. After years selling products under our brand (Cannamor) we want
to give opportunity to everybody. Over 5 years producing we have  found best recipes and ingredients.

The first advantage is the
most obvious one: it’s your own brand. By opting for white labelling
your own brand, your message stays consistent, and you can keep building
on the goodwill your brand has already gained among your customer base.

All our products are 100% natural and are available in different concentrations all with THC Below 0.2%.
We have both full spectrum and isolate products. We also have cosmetic production of our own formulations of natural cosmetics and we can also in cooperation make your own product formulations.

Our CBD oils are made from CBD cannabis strain grown indoor in Switzerland and extracted by co2 og cryo alcohol extraction. This results in the most clean extracts for medical use. We dont use the the material from outdoor grown hemp in our products as they are easier contaminated.

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